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Justin's Quest for the Perfect Gyoza:

November 2009

SMIC update - there's been a big change going on at this company which I first started following in 2003. They're still around, but are maturing, in a "only in China" kind of way. The president is stepping down and TSMC is not just an corporate adversary, but now owns 8 percent of the company

August 2008

Every Journey, brings you home...

The wanderer - I guess I should comment on this nytimes piece about Obama, and in a sense McCain too, being a wanderer.

Wanderer, Wanderlust, is that a bad thing? or something else?

July 2008

AS my fine professor of economics at Columbia, C. Lowell Harriss (who just celebrated his 96th birthday) used to tell us, economics is the study of the allocation of scarce goods and services. What could be scarcer or more precious than love? It is rare, hard to come by and often fragile.

April 2008

Still traveling... In light of all the changes I wonder how long this will go on. Sometimes there's a bit of joy in traveling. But it's somehow gotten to the point where it's simply a haul.

Other update about travelers in my life.

December 2007

HouseBands - I don't have too much of a comment on this except that I've seen these bands and can imagine how hard they work. And indeed they are all from the Phillipines.

September 2007

Blood Diamond

August 2007

Back the the usual. Traveling, this time a place I hadn't been in a while, commenting on culture and the like.

July 2007

A bit of an update, reflection on cars, and bikes.

My history with cars

And why I ride.

May 2007

Been traveling, as always still interesting seeing how the semiconductor industry evolves. More comments on career, and corporate America? And a little bit about the big biotech conference going on in Boston this week.

March 2007

It's Lent, so I ask myself are lentils lenten?

January 2007

"Like a bridegroom coming forth from his pavilion." Psalm 19:5

So after a moderately non-adventurous past five months I'm again traveling. Maybe I'll get some more photos or clean up some of the broken links. My values haven't changed. But I should put up my resolutions for the year

September 2006

Traveling or not? - I haven't traveled all that much since last April. although making it to Malaysia and Cambodia has gotten my fill of wanderlust.


Anyhow for now I've given up on the quest, because it really wasn't that much. However a friend of mine has picked up PigTrip, a very interesting review of all the BBQ places between NYC and Bangor Maine. of course the winner is Blue Ribbon BBQ. Sheez, and I thought I had too much time on my hands

March 2006

The Quest Continues. I'm off again to Asia, for most of March and April. And I was in Dallas, to get my feet wet again for the rigors of business travel.

Febuary 2006

Still in the midst of cleaning things up. This month, my resume and my work history. As well as cleaning up the descriptions of what I do.

I should add a section about My Education, right now it's only a summarry of my experience in one quite hellish class.

December 2005

My thoughts on the holidays:

My life has no purpose. My life has no direction. No aim. No meaning. And yet I'm happy. I can't figure it out. What am I doing right?" [Snoopy]

"I think there must be something wrong with me, Linus. Christmas is coming but I'm not happy. I don't feel the way I'm supposed to feel. I always end up feeling depressed." [Charlie Brown]

Older things to focus on

I've been rethinking this site. Trying to get a little bit more cohesion to things, and make it seem a little bit more coherent not to mention professional.

So I guess I'll start here:

My Career and Resume

My current thoughts on SMIC - The company I almost went out there to work for.

What it's like to work there.
They may be not as ethical and good as I thought.


About this site:

This site serves a couple of purposes: So in brief there's six areas which it's divided and cross linked.

History, shows where I've been and what I've done. It contains a tirade on what I hate about my past, The West Coast, LA, and suburbia in general for good measure.

Mission Statement is a concise listings of my thoughts, beliefs and what I doing out here. There's a good article about my church, the missionary movement, and other things.

Employment shows my relationship with my job. I love it I hate it, yet I persist in it as if it were a calling from God.

Resume unsurprisingly, has my resume, and a description of what my skills are and who I've worked for. There's also a glossary of terms now, for those who don't speak computer geek. In addition there's a bit of a technical discussion about Semiconductor Factory Automation, the thing I do for a living.

Diversions, shows some of the other things I do, the ongoing GyozaQuest including the "Anatomy of a Gyoza"

What's New is the link to my blog for random musings of the day. Sometimes profound, sometimes just plain rambling.

Sometimes if you hunt around there's random pictures, at the more pictures here, sometimes at the request of the portrayed parties, there's nothing. Sometimes there's long travel logs, general commentaries etc..

GyozaQuest is a non-profitable site.

Although I'm religious, I'm not fanatical, rigidly dogmatic, or out to proselytize.
Although I work for a corporation, I'm not evil, profit-driven, heartless, unfeeling, or cruel.

I don't seek monetary donations.
I appreciate your taking the time to be here.
 read my writings,
  ponder my thoughts,
   learn from my ideas,
    laugh at my experiences,
     and be touched by my life.

Your comments are also welcomed.