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GyozaQuest is a non profitable site,

What the hell?

This is my web site, and no I haven't spent enough time on it, and yes it's my own sick twisted opinions. And yes I do have better things to do. To find someone who doesn't have better things to do (or rather was paid, good money to do nothing) click here. Then again, being paid to feed my own egotistical fantasies. Well that's me as well.

Am I smart enough to be a philosopher or a theorotical physicist like that dude. No...

Yes, there's a blog on this site. If you can't get enough of my life, or are just obsessed with what's going through the bizzare and twisted mind of mine, carry on wayard son. Be warned, I can be one sick puppy.


Who in their right mind puts up a web site devoted to potstickers?

A: Why not, like anything else I needed to call it something. Would it be better if I titled it in katakana? Besides I like gyoza. Gyo-za-kwe-sto!

Is that all there is on this site, your ramblings, and your travels, and all the gyoza you've eaten?

A: Yeah, pretty much, isn't that what a personal web site is all about? Anyhow my resume and my job history and my blog are here too.

Just who are you anyways?

A: I'm an engineer, I'm creative. I like to write, and I know stuff. It'd be a shame if I didn't tell someone.

Why are you subjecting me to this?

A: Hey, you came here on your own free will, I'm not forcing you to read this.

Do I have to listen to you ramble on, and on, and on for pages on end?

A: No, a lot of people tune me out. I'm not offended.

I found your resume from Google, will you work for <insert company here>?

Maybe, but you have to be nice. My qualifications for a company are integrity, commitment to technology, great place to work, dedication to it's employees, loyalty, consistency etc.

What's the trinity.

An example of child rearing or discipleship and mentorship through shame, pain and humiliation. Describing well the upbringing of many of my friends. I wouldn't suggest it, but they turned out normal, at least for the most part.

How often does this change? It's not really dynamic is it?

A: It's as dynamic as long as I'm wiling to continue making changes

I guess the blog is for little changes, things I think I should put up.

Bigger changes make it to the title on the homepage.

Every so often I'll randomly post a series of photos. Sometimes they'll stay, and become part of the site. Most of the time they won't. They're kind of hard to find at times as well.

I guess every six to 12 months I'll totally re-do the links and the navigation and the like, this is the second pass. The first one was a little bit to ambitious, and I got stuck on the design before the content. Instead this time I'll let the content be king, and kind of post stuff as it see fit.

Updated 1/21/2004