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GyozaQuest is a non profitable site,

Recently there was a big biotech conference here in Boston. Celebrating the idea that this town was the center of the industry. The Boston Globe, seems to be acting as cheerleader explaining in a long how it's gotten it's start here. As well as starting to highlight

What makes industries spring up where they are, and who'sIs this what's keeping them there.

I've found that


I've been through this, when semicondutor manufacturers, hoping that it'll create a "critical mass" of

Unfortunatley, such things no longer work. I still wonder if China will ever get much of a semiconductor industry, and I still look with hesitation at all the outsourcing which goes on, i'll fail to

Quimonda's decision to put it's next plant in Singapore rather than again in Germany, or somewhere in the EU. Combined with Wacker Siltronic's decision not to expand it's operations in Germany as well, (instead as well going to Singapore) the whole thing doesn't bode well, and I'm sure the German labor unions, so fiercely proud of their are just wondering.

However this kind of corporate influence is rather disturbing. It quickly leads to situations such as china where the company, and the managers at the factory, not only are taking "

9 May 2007