My New Years resolutions for 2003

My New Years Resolutions for 2007



Seeing the other side - A statement of purpose

The things we think but do not say - Jerry Maguire's mission statement

Missionary, why Christianity is still western imperialism. Yet amidst the cultural destruction, there is message of hope.

30 years West, 30 years east. - Living on the other side of the ocean, to create balance.
An engineer trapped in a Missionary's body.

Reasons - My own thoughts on what I might want to do with my life.

What not to do. More ponderings on the missions movement.

Religious Imperialism - An article about Christianity

CCFC - The church I currently Attend



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Aircraft Approach - LAXResolutions 2007

"If we don't live by priorities. We live by pressures."
         AYA First Priority conference motto.


My values haven't changed from the previous years

Loyalty - There is no greater travesty in the world than betrayal.

Community - Indeed we are meant to live in community, it's how we work together, how we understand each other and from which friendship, trust and commitment are built

Technology - Although a product of the fall, without the fall there could be no ressurection, and no salvation. Technology by itself is not an answer to the problems of the world, yet it is through the implementation of technology, that the problems of the world are solved.

Obedience - One must be true to themselves. Obedient to God's will for their lives. Willing to go when called, yet willing to stay when commanded.

Smaller Resolutions

Commit to enjoying the city - be less depressed, be less cheap. Inivte more people over your home, commit to going out.

Sail more - I've made some good connections with the sailing community around here. Hopefully my job will allow me to continue with the weekend races, and perhaps even sail on other boats around the fleet.

I bought a motorcycle last year, as much as a favor to a friend, as to dream myself. Just commit yourself to using it. By that note, sometimes I just need to spend money, car repairs and the like. Don't keep putting stuff like that off.

Exercise. Duh... well I also realize that I'm not as young as I used to be, I don't bounce back as quickly as possible

Commitment to Friends - I do a decent job of keeping in touch with my friends. Keep doing it.

Relationships - Put priorities first, decide about the balance between career and relationships.

Answer the question for myself:    What do you lust after?

Do I lust for for money or comfort. Or the comfort that money brings
Somone told me "It's easy to say that money isn't everything. But for those who have none (or are always struggling for what little they have) one easily realizes how much more comfortable and worry free it would be to have more of it."

Do I lust for power, for the reassuring feeling that I'm working at a company where I'm making a difference in the company, indispensible, and the company is making a difference in the world.

Do I lust after life? Do I want drink deeply from the cup. Do I want to be able to travel the world and watch the sunset from the southern hemisphere, to climb mountains in far off countries, and of course, see how the rest of the world lives.

In the end the question to ask is:    Do you lust after God?

Do I lust for God?    I want to lust for that feeling of knowing that I'm doing his will, I'm in the place where God wants me to be, and that feeling that I'm being faithful to his calling in his life. To anyone who's ever experienced intimacy, and desire. And knowing fully well that we are called to have an intimate relationship with him.

Satisfaction: "Like a bridegroom coming forth from his pavilion." Psalm 19:5

2007 Feb 18