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The things we think but do not say - Jerry Maguire's mission statement

Missionary, why Christianity is still western imperialism. Yet amidst the cultural destruction, there is message of hope.

30 years West, 30 years east. - Living on the other side of the ocean, to create balance.
An engineer trapped in a Missionary's body.

Reasons - My own thoughts on what I might want to do with my life.

What not to do. More ponderings on the missions movement.

Religious Imperialism - An article about Christianity

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I thought for a while on why all my friends tend to leave. We're outward focused, looking at both traditional missionaries, as well as the InterVarsity view, of everyone is a missionary, and it's your calling from God to minister to the people where you are.

Someone mentioned last year that as a church we don't just tithe our incomes, we tithe our members.

Yes the list is a lot longer, and we'll add our pastor and his wife to the list of people who've gone overseas.

Poster Children for our missions team:

Dan and Ann: They started, they tried, I like them. In a way, for all that Danny's done, I'd like to think that he's learned something in all he's done. I think I'm going to give them one way tickets out there. Seeing them probably makes me think hardest about where as a church we spend our energies. I don't know if they'll really go, part of me doesn't want to see them leave, and part of me doesn't know what they'd do if they stayed.

Update - They made it out there... at last.
Update again - 4 years later, It sounds like they're on their way back. - He's getting a masters in Public Health.

Tom and Steph - They're like the bastard children, which we don't really claim to have, but somehow seem to still be related to us. One of my friends doesn't think they have a brain between them, unlike Dan and Ann. To be egalitarian in this situation, I figure that both parties have equivalent mental capacity.

Update - after struggling for a while in the upper midwest, they did finally make it out to a country in the Middle East.

Nancy and Tom, Well we've sent them, and they appear on BCEC's missions list as well. So I don't know who they belong to. Maybe Nancy belongs to us and Tom belongs to them. They're probably one of the better couples, who might be able to use their skills for good use.

Update they're back,

Andrew the Musical - Fluent, spent years working with people somewhere in Africa, I guess it was Chad. Is a linguist, so he's fluent in English, French, Arabic, and who knows what else. I imagine he's the best person for being able to pick up languages quickly. I think he of all people might be a good addition to work for SIL or Wycliff. I don't know quite where he ended up. But I do wish him well.

Andrew the Geek- We didn't really sent him, he just kind of went on his own. But when he left, there was an announcement, and a chance to pray for him in church. He's in seminary. and in all senses is as much a missionary as anyone else. At least he's getting a good solid foundation in Christian Theology, before he goes on to create a groovy philosophy merging Eastern philosophy, with basic Christianity. Then again, if I were to rate people, he'd probably be first on the list of people "Most likely to be deemed heretical, and start their own cult."

Chris - We sorta sent him, and then he came back, and now doesn't quite know what he's doing with his life. Kinda like some other. We didn't give him any money, but he didn't ask. I indeed do wonder what he took from that trip. I know his heart was deepened, and his eyes opened. But I can't help but see how he's changed, and how it's given him a clear vision for his future. He's not the first person who's gone on his own like this, there's been quite a few, almost all for two years.

Update - He came back, got two more masters degrees, and now is the most over educated English teacher in western China

Sam - He made a pact with Chris, that they'd be in China for the turn of the century. Chris made it... I think he spent it in the horn of Africa

Jon - Currently he hasn't figured out how he's going to go overseas, but I can see that he might. It's good though, once you find your and who God has made you, then you can visualize the person God intends for you to become.

Gary - Eventually became a flight attendant. People (especially his co-workers) mistake him for gay. Strangely enough, as his luggage tag, he's got a bright pink laminated tag, that says "International Trash" in 4 languages.

Rob - Not sure if he counts, because he came from Southeast Asia, when he was in college.

Shauna - If Rob counts, her carribean roots count too. Unfortunatley she's back to her roots.

Lois - Went, got married, "her parents love her very much," stayed a bit longer, came back, and probably will go again.

Deb - Went for 4 months, came back. Now is doing bible translation.

Chris - I've heard her talk about going for years now, and to every single country except Japan. then again Koreans don't get along too well with the Japanese.

Beck - Went to Eastern Europe, got married. I heard she was in England, married and probably settled.

Paul - the fobbiest white guy I ever met. Not surprisingly, he's back in Taiwan, for a 2nd tour. This time prob for good. Speaks Mandarin fluently, is able to point back at kids saying "Mei-guo-ren" with "Tai-wan-ren"

Mei - Fell in love with a Latino man, South America?

Doug - He's a flyer, he spent time in England, and no doubt short term stindts in Turkey... Hmm as a F15E pilot (a fighter-BOMBER) I wonder where he was going during his days flying the plane. His wife did go with him, and managed a degree from the LSE while out there. They're back in the states now.

Kat - Leader of our world missions committee. Going to a muslim country to teach at the international school, for expatriates, oil barons, government officials and people who's name is Sabah. Despite what she may want to deny, she's going overseas, she's a missionary. On the tentmaking scale of 1-5, she's probably closer to a type 3. But that still makes you a missionary.

Dave - hmm, in a sense I don't know him, and I wonder if we're sending him fully supported or if he's continuing to have to do his fund raising. Given our current financial state most of his fund raising has got to be through individuals, rather than through organizations. Poster boy indeed, I figure we'll see his picture on a recruiting tract pretty soon.

Updated April 15,2008