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My travels, Food, Friends, and fun.

Travels - I'm a traveler, I fly around and have friends around the world. Well I do travel a whole lot, it's related to work. So I'd consider myself a pretty extensive traveler. No I haven't filled an entire passport with stamps and Visas, because for me, most places where I go (say Japan, or Korea) don't require a visa, and sometimes it's only perfunctory for them even to stamp your passport.

Eating - Although food is great what would life be without someone to share it with, and something to do to make you hungry. Besides you can't eat good Chinese food alone. More people is better, believe it or not the best sized group for Chinese food is about 10.

In the West going out to eat isn't about the food, in fact most of the time it doesn't really matter. It's just a chance to go out and be social.

However for the Chinese, food is an end all to itself.

Writing - Someone once described that I write with a detached style. I dunno. I guess I'll put some of my Stories here:

The Mud At the bottom of the River: Story by Justin Gee

Shorter Stories - Vingettes about life

August 2005 - A lazy Sailing weekend

May 2005 - A sailing Adventure - How I ended up in the ER

April 2005 - Do I really travel that much

March 2005 - A visitor, from 9 years back

Jan 2005 - A melancholy but positive start to my year

Jan 2007 - How to catch a taxicab, or otherwise get around in Malaysia.

Diversions - Saling, skiing, cycling, skating, skateboarding, etc...

The Tragedy of Youth:

'Stoked' is the latest variation on a theme that has become a cliche since VH1 began chronicling the careers of rock stars who sear the firmament and then flame out, only to return from the brink chastened and sober. These cookie-cutter narratives, which usually end with a partial redemption, all issue the same warning: stardom can be toxic, and the younger the celebrity, the greater the risk. This variation which culminates in murder and imprisonment, is sadder than most because there is no redemption, only regret and confusion.

From 'Stoked: The Rised and Fall of Gator' Movie Review - NYTimes 8.22.03

Do I think that my life is like one of those tragic rock star stories? Nope, getting too old for that.

Like most friends they're nuts, they're not normal, and they're crazy, but they're fun.

I could go on on about them. But a lot of them live, or used to live, in Boston. The way I would characterize them this way

  • Over-educted,
  • Far too idealistic,
  • Sort of materialistic.
  • For the most part a loyal bunch, depending on your definition of loyalty.
  • A bit flaky.

Sometimes you can depend on them, but I'd wonder if I could count on them to be able to get a hold of them at 2am and bail me out of jail. But I've got the same faults as well. I'm not as young as I once was.

In additon, I probably talk to much, enjoy a good piece of gossip, and have the sensitivity of a bulldozer.

So my friends give me a bag of crackers, and I'm looking at the package and see the image at the right... and I keep looking at myself thinking... Huh? What does a fish need with a bicycle?

What in the world was the manufacturer thinking? At least the fish is wearing a helmet.