My New Years resolutions for 2003


Seeing the other side - A statement of purpose

The things we think but do not say - Jerry Maguire's mission statement

Missionary, why Christianity is still western imperialism. Yet amidst the cultural destruction, there is message of hope.

30 years West, 30 years east. - Living on the other side of the ocean, to create balance.
An engineer trapped in a Missionary's body.

Reasons - My own thoughts on what I might want to do with my life.

What not to do. More ponderings on the missions movement.

Religious Imperialism - An article about Christianity

CCFC - The church I currently Attend



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This year my resolutions are to.

Learn Mandarin
    Learning a foreign language is always a good thing. And since Mandarin will serve me well if I move to China, or have to do business in Taiwan. Well I should be okay. I'm still concerned that the primary language in Shanghai isn't Mandarin, but Shanghinese, but I'd be hard pressed to find a course in that out here in Boston. And there's a reasonable night course which I'm signed up for right now.

Listen More
    There are two aspects of listening more.

Listen more to what the friends I have to say.
- Listening to their problems and their issues in life.
- Rather than just Blowing off my mouth all the time
Listening to God
- Knowing what his vision for me is.
- No I'm not talking about hearing voices in my head,
      but it's more a reference to knowing where I want to be next
- As a result I am signed up for a "Perspectives on World Christianity" course.

Lose weight.
    Yeah I know it's typical, and boring, But I did put on quite a gut after the holidays plus 4 weeks in Germany during October does not help much at all either.

Mid-year Resolutions update

5/30/2003 - I figure it might be a good idea to look and see how I've done so far.

Learn Mandarin -

I signed up for the class at the center for adult learning, and put a bit of work into it. I probably know a little bit more than I realize. However, I'm still not fluent, and given that I missed over half the classes. I'm not doing all that well on this resolutions.

Listen more -

Well I can't tell if I just don't want to listen to my friends anymore, or I'm getting any better.
As for listening to God. Well things are happening in my life, and the idea of going to China seems less far fetched. At least I'm content with not owning a boat now

Lose Weight -

January - 165 pounds - 31" waist
June - 158 pounds - 30" waist

YMCA membership - ongoing
Italian road bicycle - chromoly and carbon fiber - don't ask!
Yoga videos - gift from family