The things we think but do not say - a mission statement

Missionary, why Christianity is still western imperialism. Yet amidst the cultural destruction, there is message of hope.

30 years West, 30 years east. - Living on the other side of the ocean, to create balance.
An engineer trapped in a Missionary's body.

Reasons - My own thoughts on what I might want to do with my life.

What not to do. More pondering's on the missions movement.

Religious Imperialism - An article about Christianity

CCFC - The church I currently Attend

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The Mission: Reasons

"Go make disciples of all nations" Matthew 28.

The Spiritual Basis?

Ralph Winter says this "The purpose of the kingdom is to undo the works of Satan"

Is there a spiritual basis for why I want to go to China?

Do I believe that progress is inevitable, and that technology, and western ideas will reach the far corners of the earth. Thus as globalization, spreads Christianity must go with it.

Yet, am I called? How would I know? Calling is not an individual decision (as is the usual American individualistic thinking), it should be a community decision.

It doesn't matter - Perhaps I'm going just for the money, or for the adventure, or to meet pretty women.

What I've learned:

I've been to there, and seen it for myself. It's everything that I've touted to be. Yet still exceeded my expectations. I don't know, could just talking to maybe six people few of which are involved in the technology side of things really influence me? I'm still mixed.

Reasons For going

Kingdom Building

The fact that they work in semiconductors, which is my field of expertise. Added to the fact that they're is one of the few overtly Christian companies I know, period. And they stand unashamed of it.
I make no secret that I think that this is a product of the fall. It carries with it the sins of capitalism, the arrogance of technology. Yet there's an ideological and spiritual reason for going.

Changing the world There's the classic tech bargain, being part of something bigger than you. And well, SMIC is big, and they're going to be even bigger.
Being part of something big There's a good community out there, community housing, a school, even fellowship. In addition to the company itself
Becoming worldly Moving overseas would give me an opportunity to really become a citizen of the world.
Wealth Although I might not become a millionaire, at least not from the salaries. I might gain far more, If the company succeeds, you may become very wealthy just from being part of such a large organization. I only hope they give it back to kingdom building.
Roots Culture I'm an American born Chinese. Ultimately that's still Chinese.

Fears -

It's a completely different country, a different culture and ultimately I don't really belong there. But then again where is home for me anyway. You can live in a place all your life an never think that it is home for you.

Reasons For staying

Community I've spent so many years dedicated to the community in which I live.


To leave would be to devalue everything I've invested in for the past six years. It would mean starting over in a new place, where I really don't know the place, and I have few friends.
Loyalty To leave would be to give up all my one stance that I thought I would always have. And my only complaint against so many people. That nobody ever sticks around, what kind of message is it sending if I leave myself. I committed to provide housing for the minister. Although not the best situation. To leave would be disloyal to him.
Simple Pleasures Sailing on the river, rollerblading on the esplanade, skiing/snowboarding in the winter.
Comfort I own a house, I own a car. My home here is not as crowded. I don't have to deal with a foreign culture. Cars don't cost twice what I'd make in a year. I'm too old to be moving around
Money There is definitely more money here.

This is the culture in which I live,

This is my home - This is my only home
This is the only sacred place I have ever known
And should I stray in the dark night alone
Rock me goddess in the gentle arms of Eden (c)


To use the "Perspectives on the World Christian Movement" idea that missions is spiritual warfare, and the Christians sent are the soldiers.

Tentmaking can be thought of differing from traditional full time missions as follows

Full time missionaries are like the Marines and the special forces who go into a country and invade.
Tentmakers are those who go in, establish bases, and actually intend to hold the country.

I don't really like the analogy of "Missions as War", it reeks too much of the Crusades, Imperialism, and invasions by force.

Tentmaking Table

According to Ian Prescott (Understanding Tentmaking Professionals and the Sense of Call/Vocation) there's quite a model to put a "sense of calling" on a scale for a wide group of people. I hate these things, but they seem to be the new popular thing to do (that is on a scale of 1-5, where do you fall)

Type 1 2 3 4 5
Call Missionary Calling

Missionary Calling - Professional

Professional Calling-Missionary Professional Professional
Self Identity/Vocation No professional skills other than skills as a missionary. Or no calling to use their professional skills in ministry. Use their professional skills to help support their missions Serving in their profession,

witness wherever they end up

may end up in the field

witness wherever they are.

usually end up at home

Relation to Agencies/Sending organizations Missionary Tentmaker Tentmaker Partner Supporter

Given my current situation. I guess I'm stuck at a type 3, right in the middle. I see the point of type 1's and have the typical gripes of most type 3's against type 2's.

In short Type 2 - Missions first , Profession second. (willing to sacrifice their profession for the missions)
Type 3 - Profession first, Missions second. (Their profession may be their mission)

The worst is the 1.5 - the missionary pretending to be a professional.


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