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Missionary, why Christianity is still western imperialism. Yet amidst the cultural destruction, there is message of hope.

30 years West, 30 years east. - Living on the other side of the ocean, to create balance.
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The other side:

In contrast to the glittering lights of Shanghai, a whole other world exists in China. I intend to go see that world.

I’m going to a rural village in central China as part of a teaching team. We will interact with Chinese schoolteachers during their school vacation during October 1, a holiday known as "The founding of the Peoples Republic". Our stated goal is to help them improve their own English skills so that they can in turn teach English to their students.

By going so far off the beaten path, I hope to experience the widening social gap between rich and poor, and to see some of the steps being taken to address it. The world has become a single interconnected society. The Chinese central government is building roads and infrastructure, tying together once isolated villages. The local government is working to improve schools in the villages. A small software company is working with the local government to bring computers, basic instruction, and internet access to those schools. In these computer labs, the first steps are being made to bridge the digital divide.

I know five days is hardly enough time, to teach anyone anything, let alone a foreign language. However, in the short time we will spend there, I suppose I will be content simply knowing that I've provided a link from my life to theirs. This is the bridge across the gap that connects our lives together.

The full trip - a prayer letter

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