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Photos and such...

This is the sunset.

Tucson is in the middle of a desert. There's an Air Force Base here, a lot of golf and retirees, the University of Arizona, and well the typical things you'd find in a town without a symphony, a center of government, not a terribly bad place to be.

There's strip malls, lots of huge supermarkets, and a Wal Mart.



What is there to do here?

Tucson is a desert valley. It actually reminds me a lot of the San Fernando Valley, in California. Except it's not part of LA. And it's hotter. And you can't get to LA if you're bored. Then again, perhaps Palmdale, Lancaster or any other part of the Antelope Valley might resemble it even more.

Otherwise the houses look similar, in a sense that it looks like a nameless suburb. Some of the subdivisions especially those from the big builders look so plain. Land is cheap, the houses are new, and the land sprawling.

I haven't explored town all that much. Perhaps I should go downtown before passing judgement



The literature reads as "Outpost at Sabino Mountain offers beautifully appointed semi-custom homes on exceptional lots nestled within the Sabino Mountain master community. This protected location coupled with serene views of surrounding mountains and city lights creates the ideal setting for the uniquely designed homes being offered by a longtime developer in the community."

This is a house there, it's 3600 sq feet, brand new construction, 3 bedrooms 3.5 baths, plus den dining room, master study, and the walk in closet is bigger than my bedroom, and it's less than the place I'm living in now. Am I living in the wrong town?

Including the cactii.



Typical traffic in tucson. Note the BMW M3 $50K, the GMC Yukon XL aka a Suburban $40K, and the Lexus.

Note the construction going on. The streets wide enough for three lanes in each direction (you did notice that there are three signals on that intersection) Doesn't happen in my town.

Note to self

If for some reason I do chose to move out here, please make sure to get at least a semi-custom house. I might get stuck in Stepford otherwise.