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Go climb a mountain.

I can't help but understand just a little bit why men climb mountains, first there's the challenge of it, it seems like the more challenging the better.

Everyone learns to walk.

Thus walking quickly becomes hiking,
   which soon becomes back country mountaineering,
      which begets rock climbing,
       which begets ice climbing.
         Now all of a sudden you're climbing mountains.

Pretty soon you're clawing your way past 10K meters to the edge of the heaven.

My adventure in Tucson AZ continues!

It was good a reasonable weekend. Although I as planning on going down to Rocky Point Mexico, but after calling the guy at the sailing club down there who said they wouldn't be open, given both the fact that it was spring break and too crowded. Go figure, I might have enjoyed the three hour drive to the ocean.

The challenge:

After a filling breakfast of huevos con chorizo, tortillas, hashed browns and coffee. I decided to drive around Tucson.

I stumbled across the Finger Rocks trailhead on Saturday, about 12:30 in the afternoon.

So I decided to see how far up the mountain I could get. I got about an hour and a half into it then decided that going up the mountain on two cans of diet mountain dew wasn't a bad idea, so turned around and went back to the car.

I didn't realize how much I enjoyed hiking by myself.


So on Sunday, I was planning on going to the Arizona desert museum, basically a zoo dedicated to the wildlife in Arizona. Since the trail had disappointed me on Saturday, I decided that it was earlier and I'd make another assault up the mountain. This time with 64oz of Gatorade, and plenty of gumption

.So I made another attempt at it.

Although I still didn't make it to the top, there was a lookout spot that I got to, and a peak I would have liked to sit on. Unfortunately it was a bit impassable. The only thing which kept me from the top of this rock was what looked to me like a pretty easy crack to climb between. Would have only been about three footholds. Fortunately, I chickened out. Who am I kidding, I'm not a rock climber. But then with another person egging me on I might have made it to the top.

I might make it to the top of the finger rocks yet. If I decide to give myself a full six hours as opposed to four, then five hours.

Here's me outfitted for a light hiking trip. Good shorts, fast light trail running shoes. Remember in addition to power, speed depends on weight. Thus if you're trekking up a mountain take enough stuff, but I guess every ounce counts.

Okay note to self, when putting on sunblock, make sure you don't miss spots, there's a strange burned streak on one of my shoulders, back and chest now. Sigh... Well at least it'll get covered by a shirt. And perhaps by the end of April my tan will even out.

Second note: This is the Arizona desert. Everything here is prickly, poisonous, or bites. Including that cactus I had a run in trying to scramble up said rocks. Think of it this way, imagine a plant whose sole purpose in life is to put splinters in you.

Dang it looks like I'm getting fat. Although hiking up a mountain was good exercise, it's not making much of a dent in my love handles.

I kind of know why, maybe I'll be able to climb this someday. It's not that challenging, and not all that much of a climb, just something to take your time with, but you might have to bring some ropes, and it might take some practice but I'm impressed by that overhang. It doesn't look like too impossible, but how would you get a top rope on this one?

Maybe I've been reading too many copies of Rock and Ice. recently. Reading about all sorts of gear, and seeing that there's a new type of rock climbing shoe, the "approach hikers" Light trail runners, with enough grip to enable you to scramble up rocks, and even do some basic rock climbing. I might just have to get me a pair.


updated 3/24/2003