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Rock climbing

On a whim after that good day hiking I decided to go find the gym.

there's a certain satisfaction with this kind of stuff. Although I can get to the top, with two or three (or even more) tries.

Hmm... Let's see it's about 35 feet to the top, and it's top roping, so it's pretty safe. Although I should actually try and get up the 5.6's cleanly. I'm tempted to go back. I was only there maybe 2.5 hours or so, 6 ascents.

So I can't tell if the soreness today is from the climbing, the rollerblading, the hiking, or the sunburn this weekend.

But alas both my calfs and my forearms are sore, even two days later. Then again since I'm practicing a bit with more chin ups. I might yet want to work on my forearm and grip strenght.

Nice legs man!

"It's a mental thing for you, I can see you up there on your toes, and you've definably got nice cavs. So you've definitely got the muscles for this."

Someone commented that I've got great cavs. I didn't know whether to be flattered or not. I don't know where he got the idea that Asians tend to have nice cavs. I guess you can judge for yourself.

Well if you look at rock climbers, they're all pretty muscular, not to mention tanned. Plus when they're climbing up the wall and you're looking up at them, it's only natural to look and see if they've got a nice butt.

My good belay partner Greg. For a gratuitously large, bandwidth hogging image, and if you like to see him showing off his flexibility click on the image.

Jen, who claimed that she was injured but was still quite impressive.

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