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Spring Training



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Spring training is held in Tucson

So I went to see the Brewers play the White Sox. I guess it was fun, and for $10 plus parking is better than sticking around in the hotel all day.

I think I got a little bit of a sunburn. Oh well. The beer's cold, the popcorn good. The crack of the bat. Hmm... I think I'll really have to head down to the cape for the Cape Cod Baseball league this summer. But hey it's still winter where most of these teams are from.

Although it doesn't quite have the drunken hooligans of some places.

But it's the Cactus League

The Ball Park

It's kind of somthing to behold. Is it a minor league park. Pro ball players right behind the dugout.

They keep the grass neatly clipped.

A lot nicer than Fenway. The weather was warm, and the players definatley showed that either the Brewers are really going to be a poor team this year. Or that it's spring training and they're going to drop the ball till they get their timing right. Hey, haven't they been training for the past couple of weeks?


Things you might want to know before trekking out here.

It's a great place to see players, and I'm sure sports memoribilia fans

Anyhow that's Ben Diggins #53

I should have gotten a seat in next to the bull pen, to see if I can get Mike Maddux's autograph. Then again..