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Where old planes go to die.

I wonder if there's a museum dedicated to the preservation of discarded and used semiconductor processing equipment. I doubt it, even though it's fascinating stuff, it'd take too much work to explain to people what it is. Even though airplanes are no less complex. There's a certain magical awe that comes with things that fly. I forgot this weekend, that at one time I thought I'd fly, but now, well I'm a frequent flyer, but that's not what I had in mind when I was in Jr. high school.

But there's a junkyard, and a museum out here.


T-37 the plane which my good friend, learned to fly in. I guess it's a good place to start. I wonder what that man is doing right now, who he's dropping bombs on, and if he'll eventually end up out here in Arizona. I could see him as a test pilot.



A typical parking lot there. An A6, an F-14, and some other ugly navy airplane. I can see why the Air Force guys always thought that the Navy planes were so ugly. And why the navy and the air force would have different planes for essentially the same task.

Anyhow there's an SR-71 in this parking lot as well.

Oh well the grand age of fighter aircraft is probably over. That would have been the 50's and 60's. When it would have been fascinating to work on


A T-38, a pre-stealth modern jet fighter. Look how thin the wings are, not too much sticking out. I'll have to look up and see how the performance envelope compares with others. I figure it's good for at least twice the speed of sound. All I know is that it used to be used as escort for the shuttle.

Plus I think this was the plane that they used in top gun. Well that was the fighter version, not the trainer. The fighter is the F-5. Top gun described it saying "It's smaller, faster and more maneuverable than you guys, so keep your heads up." It's Viper's plane.

There was a pilot out on the lake bed when on a tour in Jr. high school. The tour guide said it must've been a test pilot, just getting his hours in, making a whole lot of noise, going way past the speed of sound, and burning a whole lot of jet fuel in the process.


It is indeed a decent looking fighter, and it's got two seats to boot!


Proof again that pigs do fly, and man is it an ugly airplane. The opposite in philosophy than a modern fighter. It's sub sonic, capable of carrying an incredible variety of armaments, and then there's that gun.

Someone told me they have to limit the fire rate on the main gun, as the recoil will slow the plane down so much as to cause it to stall or go backwards.


Truly that this is a junkyard.


Ah, note that you can get parts for an old C38 or a Charger. All one stop shopping.


Can you tell if this is junk from old airplanes or old cars? Is there a difference?


Ah a line of used airplanes just waiting for scrap