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The nature of my job, and where it's going

The past.
I've worked for a lot of companies in my past, few of which exist anymore. Looking back, of all the places where I once worked, only Intel remains. But I've spent a long time in my life. I can condemn my calling in life, with Job.

Sometimes I'd describe the factories where I work more accurately as hellish, rather than heavenly.

Heavenly is snowboarding down fresh deep powder making perfectly carved turns.

Hellish is going through the basement of a fab in Southeast Asia, where it's moderately humid, you can hear a thousand pumps silently humming along and seeing a hundred overhead pipes, so neatly labeled: HCl, H2SO4, H3PO4, HNO3, HF, H2O2, BOE, NH4OH, Ethylene Glycol, KOH, Developer, HMDS, Isopropanol, PGMEA, Acetone. And that's just the liquids. Let's not even start with the gases.

Heavenly is when the wind is just right, the waves are breaking. You pull the boat into a broad reach, you pull in the main, open the spinnaker, and the hull lifts out of the water, starts to plane, cinch your feet under the hiking straps, you lean out feel the wind and water spray against you.

Hellish is knowing the factory has survived World War II, and some of the buildings look like it, plus there's a monument for fallen workers in the center of the campus. Not to mention the rumors of the mutant rabbits.

Heavenly is twisting the throttle, feeling the engine rev, and holding on ... as the symphony of a 10,000 rpm engine comes to life, and the scenery rushes by turning quickly to a blur.

Hellish is knowing that, if there's even a remote chance you might get or be planning to have kids, in the USA you're not allowed in the clean room. In countries with different standards, such as Taiwan, Korea, or Singapore, young women are the employee of choice for most production environments. And this is without exploitation.

Conclusion: From the top of the mountain to the depths of the Ocean, there is no place where God's spirit doesn't reside. Just as you might feel the prescence of God in the Khalahari desert, during a calm night lit only by a million stars. Where the night so bright, you can guide yourself simply by the moon. Just as people climb mountains and stare in awe at the the inside of a cathedral, you also may find God working within the workings of a machine, in the basement of a factory, amidst the pumps, the pipes and the always humming passageways and machines.

The Industry - The players.

Leaders, followers and stragglers

Similar Companies to ADE
Mattson Technologies, Varian, Axcellis, GSI Lumonics, Electro Scientific Industries, Rudolph, Philips.

Biggest companies in the Semiconductor Equipment Industry
– KLA-Tencor, Applied Materials.
- Others - Brooks-PRI
The optical vendors - ASML, Nikon, Canon,
     Ultratech, Cymer, Lambda Physick,

Manufacturers of Semiconductors, etc…
Micron Technology, IBM, Motorola, AMD, LSI Logic. And of couse… Intel.

The future

Where do I think the semiconductor industry is going? What crystal ball can I look into?

What's the differerence between a Deep Submicron IC designer, an ASIC designer, and a DSP designer? Who makes the $35 DVD player, the life saving medical device, or the laser guided weapon?

Who makes the most money?