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"Vicki, the customer wants us to have SECS on the machine, can we do it now?"

Industry Standards - Definitions


Pronounced 'sex gem' - There some engineer laughing in his grave at this one.

In any case it stands for SEMI Equipment Communications Standard - General Equipment Model. In short SECS/GEM is the standard for a protocol by which the various equipment in the semiconducor fab talk to a central host. The host can be as simple as simply montioring the status of each tool, or it can be as complex as a dispacher, organizer and process monitor.

SEMI is a umbrella organization which provides standards and guidelines for the Semiconductor industry. It's made up of manufactures, equipment suppliers and material suppliers, thus the name Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International.

There's an alphabet soup of SEMI standards describing it and other factory automation protocols used in an excruciatingly painful amount of detail. A few of the ones I'm responsible for knowing.

SEMI E5 - SEMI Equipment Communications Standard 2 Message protocol (SECS-II)
SEMI E30 - Generic model for communications and control of SEMI Equipment (GEM)
SEMI E37 - High-Speed SECS Message Services (HSMS) - Ethernet protocol

SEMI E39 - Object Services Standard
SEMI E40 - Standard for Processing Management (PJC)
SEMI E84 - Enhanced Carrier Handoff Parallel I/O interface
SEMI E87 - Specification for Carrier Management (CMS)
SEMI E90 - Specification for Substrate Tracking
SEMI E94 - Specification for Control Job Management (CJM)

The last group are designed for 300mm tool automation, and collectively known as i300.