Justin Gee

e-mail – Justin(@)deepdrift.com

Career Expertise/Interests

    Material Execution Systems (MES), ERP Systems (OPM), Control Systems (PLC’s, embedded controllers), SECS/GEM support.
    Experienced Emerson Syncade MES System Integrator, Weigh-Dispense (WD), Recipe Authoring (RA), Electronic Batch Records (EBR), Materials (MM), Equipment (ET), and Documentation Control.
    Customer facing engineer adept at understanding complex user requirements, and managing ongoing solutions.
    Familiar with entire product development life cycle (SDLC), from requirements, to test, delivery, integration, and support.
    Able to work with individuals across the organization from end users, scientists, technicians, operators, vendors and management.
    Applications development, Factory Automation, System Integration, Test, Validation, Documentation, and Training.
    Continuous support of complex information systems (IS).
    Enterprise level database systems, laboratory instrumentation/software.
    Good Manufacturing Practice, Failure Analysis, Yield Management, Advanced Process Control (APC), e-diagnostics.
·        Semiconductor processing, applications development, support and maintenance of process and metrology equipment.

·        Semiconductor Product and Test Engineering, product characterizations, development and verification of test programs from test vectors.  New product setup and debug

·        Laser Optics, and alignment.  Laser processing of materials. Photolithography resist and exposure.

·        Materials characterization and metrology.  Optical Inspection, FTIR, Elipsometry, XRD, Electron Microscopy.

·        Failure Analysis, Yield Management, Advanced Process Control (APC), e-diagnostics.


Work Experience

Agamatrix - Design Assurance Engineer 2011-current
● Agamatrix manufactures blood glucose meters, and test strips for diabetics, operating in a regulated environment under 21 CFR part 820 - medical devices.
● Responsible for understanding the electronics, firmware, and mechanical aspects of the design, for existing as well as new products. Assisted in the roll out of first FDA approved, iPhone enabled medical device.
● Verified design changes, quality issues, and built relationships with manufacturing supplier in China
● Dealt with 3rd party vendors, pharmaceutical partners, mail-order and retail marketing and product sales channels.
● Customer Returns, Risk Analysis, documentation, validation, and product life cycle.


Emerson Process Management – (New England Controls) MES ERP Applications Engineer (2009 – 2010)
● Responsible for MES application support, Product Expertise, project management and ongoing support of tools, software systems, IT infrastructure, and operations.
● Integration with plant floor automation systems, Syncade, DeltaV, OPC, DCS, SCADA.
● Familiar with ERP system definition, implementations, and support, Supply Chain Management.
● Integration with Familiar with High Availability IT infrastructure required to support continuous operation. Servers, Virtualization, Database Mirroring and Failover Clustering, Backup, Imaging and Deployment.
● Familiar working for Pharmaceutical and Biologics customers requiring a cGMP validated environment, according to CFR Title 21 Part 21 (electronic records)
● Managed connections and interfaces to external datasources, and data warehouses. OSIsoft PI, OPM ERP, SAP, LIMS and Maximo for equipment tracking.


KLA Tencor / ADE Division – Applications Engineer – Corporate Platform Automation (2006 - 2009)
● Responsible for customer facing application support, automation project management and ongoing support of tools, software systems, IT infrastructure, and operations.
● Served as a liaison between software vendors, integration engineers, end users, engineering and management.
● Managed major projects, change control, and system upgrades which required adding significant functionality to existing systems, and ensuring system continuity.
● Performed software testing and validation, wrote procedures (SOP), documented system functionality.
● Understanding and ensuring compliance and functionality of SEMI industry standards and requirements.
● Exposure to a wide variety of specific applications, adept at understanding data flow, and processing cycles.
● Familiar with industry standards, as well as specific customer process automation scenarios for a wide range of KLA tools.
● System Administration experience with enterprise level data systems. Integrated Semiconductor equipment with MES Systems, CIM framework, including SiView, Posideon, and FactoryWorks.
● Familarity with laboratory instrumentation/software. Utilized various simulation tools, and external software packages and configurations. GW-GEM, Cimetrix, Cim300, SDIStation (now TestConnect), CCS Envoy (BrooksCCS test suite).
● Knowledge of using Test Plans for verifying equipment communication interfaces implemented in the SEMI SECS/GEM communications standards,

ADE Corporation, Applications Engineer – Factory Automation (Westwood MA, 2001-2006)

-          Performed aspects of semiconductor capital equipment sales, support, and maintenance.

-          Developed software compliant to E5, E30, E39, E40, E84, E87, E90, E94, E99 SEMI Standards.  i300mm Metrology tool Fab automation project.

-          Implemented a fully automated equipment solution including FOUPs, AMHS, OHT, and Load Port transfer, as well a Full host communication with the system to allow remote monitoring and control.

-          Direct customer involvement integrating the tools with factory host at the customer sites, Specialized in dealing with installations in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore.

-          Developed a system to measure Lithography Overlay and CD metrology, using feed-forward / feed-back APC techniques.

-          Knowledge of using Test Plan for verifying equipment communication interfaces implemented in the SEMI SECS/GEM communications standards, Utilized various simulation tools, and external software packages and configurations.  GW-GEM, Cimetrix, Cim300, SDIStation (now TestConnect), CCS Envoy (BrooksCCS test suite),


Adept Inc, Solutions Consultant (Framingham MA, 2000-2001)

-          Responsible for performing software development for e-commerce web sites.

-          Software developer, ASP, Javascipt, SQL.  Database design, HTML layout and development of custom applications.

-          Customized a Knowledge Management portal using Hyperwave development enviornment.

-          Implemented a Change Management system including ASP based web interface, MSSQL database back end, and Rational ClearCase version control system.

-          Evaluated ERP systems for Project Management.  Performed software purchase analysis.


PRI Automation, Software Systems Integration Engineer (Billerica MA, 1999-2000)

-          Integrated Reticle Management and storage systems for a Singapore based semiconductor fabrication facility

-          Performed software and hardware engineering tasks.

-          Planned and managed Automated Material Handling Systems.  Dealt with and balanced needs and resource issues between customer, technical sales, installation, field service, and product development teams.

-          Tracked and monitored changes to new products.  Established test plans, and functional documentation, resolved customer requests, performed software release testing, and supported internal development systems.

-          Coordinated manufacturing, hardware and software testing, functional integration, quality, installation, final customer acceptance, and support issues.

-          Managed networking and server issues, including setting up and maintaining SQL databases, and resolving network communication and access problems (TCP/IP, DCOM, Tibco, BEA) SECS/GEM,


Intel Corporation. Product and Test Engineer (Continuous w/ DEC) (Sort, Assembly and Test, Hudson MA, 1998)

-          Responsible for products after transfer from design through manufacturing.

-          Performed prototype characterizations, provided feedback to systems and design departments to assure design quality.

-          Implemented new product start up and revision of existing products.

-          Collaborated with design, process, test, reliability, and quality to resolve problems and track performance.

-          Worked with Schlumberger ITS9000 tester to debug test programs, manage data output, and implement program fixes and revisions.  Administered UNIX Cluster, and supported network interface and data transfers.


Digital Equipment Corporation. Senior Equipment Engineer (Semiconductor Division, Hudson MA, 1996-1998)

-          Managed laser repair, metrology, and material characterization issues associated with manufacture and test of high performance microprocessors, utilizing an ESI 9200HT+ Laser Repair system. 

-          Responsible for understanding software applications, and programming as well as setup and training of products for processing.  

-          Trained operations and other personnel to use equipment. 

-          Created and implemented ISO9001 procedures and documentation.

-          Responsible for System Administration of HP-UX UNIX workstation network cluster.


Other Employment

-          Micron Technology Inc. Intern Engineer (Failure Analysis Division, Boise ID 1995)

-          Worked as a TEM technician, studied material properties and processing techniques of 256Mb DRAMS

-          Intel Corporation. Co-op Engineer (Components Research, Santa Clara CA,1994)

-          Aided process development for copper metalization process

-          Lawrence Berkeley National Labs. (Berkeley CA,1995)

-          Fabricated semiconductor x-ray detectors for measuring high altitude extraterrestrial events.

-          Department of Materials Science, UC Berkeley. (1995-1996)

-          Worked on a research project to study phase transformations in CuAlNi alloys.



-          The University of California, Berkeley.  BS Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering (double major) 1996


Computer skills:

-          Operating Systems: Windows NT/UNIX(Solaris, HP-UX)/VMS, Internet tools.

-          Computer Programming Languages: VB, Javascipt, C++, Pascal, FORTRAN, Lisp, and BASIC.

-          General Applications: SAP, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project, ChemCAD, and SAS.

-          Familiar with various custom software tools, particularly adept at development, implementation, and training of custom applications.



About Intel – Intel is the microprocessor leader in the world.  I’ve worked for them twice, they do a lot of things right, There’s a good reason why they’re such a big company.


About Digital Equipment – At the time digital equipment was the leader in microprocessor design and technology.  In 1996 when most Pentiums were operating at 200 mhz, their 21264 Alpha processor, a true 64 bit RISC processor was running at 600+ mhz.   They were leading the technology in both design, and process.  In an ironic twist, Digital equipment sued Intel for patent infringement, for utilizing some of the Alpha Microprocessor architecture in their Pentium processor, which is attributed to be a major contributor to the performance improvements from the 486 processor.  The final result of Digital’s successful legal challenge was an undisclosed discount on Intel microprocessors, to aid the computer portion of Digital’s PC division and the semiconductor division of Digital equipment was sold to Intel.   The final result of all this action was that Digital Equipment was acquired by Compaq Computer.


About PRI Automation – At the 200mm (8 inch) process fab node they were the leading supplier of Automated Material Handling systems.  As a co-worker from Digital Equipment put it.  “The Stockers and Overhead track kept all the operators from running into each other all over the Fab.”  PRI Automation had systems worldwide, in Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, the United States and Europe.  (but alas, limited business in Japan) As a result their competitor Daifuku, now seems to be dominating the 300mm (12 inch) process node.  PRI Automation possessed a broad offering of factory automation tools, from precision wafer handling robots, to Automated Material Handling and Overhead Track, Factory systems, factory host control software systems (MES, MCS, ERP).  PRI was uniquely positioned to be the leader in Factory Automation solutions. This year, PRI was purchased by Brooks Automation.


About Adept Inc – Adept Inc was a technical staffing company, broadening it’s offerings to full project solutions.  As a leader in filling positions for web services and e-commerce applications it seemed like a natural progression (in 1999 at least) to enter a Solutions Consulting division.  After fits and starts, a solid business was established.  The final result was the technical staffing company was sold to TMP worldwide – owner of Monster.com, the largest technical staffing, and executive recruitment firm in the world.  The solutions division was spun off as it’s own entity, Corriva Inc.


About ADE – Advanced Dimensional Equipment.   ADE has carved out it’s own niche in the wafer metrology node.  They supply wafer flatness, Nanotopography, and Wafer inspection tools to the semiconductor wafer makers.  The have a worldwide customer base, and wide portfolio of tools, including tools supporting the most advanced process nodes. They set the standard for bare wafer metrology.


About Semiconductor Factory Automation –

Semiconductor factory automation consists of two parts, the physical automation portion which consists of the Automated Material Handling System, which physically moves material around the factory.  Typically the 300mm standard breaks this down into Interbay, which moves material within one processing bay, and can deliver material to the process equipment, and IntraBay which moves material from one portion of the factory to another (such as from incoming inspection to lithography)

     AMHS systems for Semiconductor facilities are made by the following companies.

PRI-Automation (Factory Systems Division)




The host control portion of a factory automation system consists entirely of process control software, in which material and processes can be tracked as products move through production.   This is actually the more important portion of the factory automation system because it allows material to be tracked through the fab, reduces the possibility of mis-processing, allows optimization of key process steps.  In essence these systems called Material Execution Systems (MES) usually serve as a key aspect of many Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for manufacturing facilites.


   A partial list of vendors for Semiconductor Material Execution Systems (also known as the Factory Host)

FACTORYworks™ (Brooks Automation)

WorkStream™ (Consilium - Applied Materials)

Promis™ (PRI)  [now owned by Brooks!]

Poseidon™ / SiView™ (IBM/ITS)


The standard interface which almost all semiconductor Fabrication equipment supports is known as SECS/GEM, which stands for Semiconductor Equipment Communications Standard, General Equipment Model.  And is defined by a few standards (E5, E30 etc…) published by SEMI, a loose affiliation Semiconductor Equipment and Materials vendors.


Similar Companies – Mattson Technologies, Varian, Axcellis, GSI Lumonics, Electro Scientific Industries, Rudolph, Philips Analytical.


Biggest companies in the industry – KLA-Tencor, Applied Materials.


Semiconductor Manufacturers (American), etc… Micron Technology, IBM, Motorola, AMD, LSI Logic.  And of couse…  Intel.