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Malaysia Journal

Eating Eating, and more Eating

I've eaten well out here. Amazingly well...

Situated betwen Thailand and Indonesia, with a tradition of Chinese and Indians dating back centuries, the culinary culture here is inspiring. To the point I'm dissapointed when I go back to the United States. Indeed perhaps Chinatown in Boston is simply a glimpse of food I remember. I wouldn't say it's comfort food, but a a memory of food I ate once in my life.

For Lunch yesterdeay we went to a little Vietnamese place, where I ordered a bowl of cold rice vermicelli with chicken and fried spring rolls. They had what they called Vietnamese style dim sum. I'm not too sure exactly what it was, but I ordered prawn puffs, har gow, and chicken and prawn siu mai. Satisfying...

Dinner we took the field engineer who was working on our robots out to Thai food. In a fit of indecision, I suppose since the other two service guys were Indian, and the field engineer was white. There's an odd way of ordering, usually out here one person orders, and the others simply assume he's got good taste. In a sense, it's usually the one paying who orders. In this case it didn't quite happen that way, so we simply started picking things from the menu. I don't think we did a good job ordering. As two deep fried prawn appetizers, wasn't that elegant.

The Thai food here is good though. Aside from expectedly being very spicy, even by my tastes. We ordered a chilied fish (which was deep fried) good but I'm realizing why people tend to like fish steamed and served with a simple sauce. Pineapple fried rice, some sort of beef, and a tasty mango salad. The tom yum seafood soup was incredibly spicy too.

Above is a place called Unique Seafood, where surprisingly strange they had good lamb chops. Although a dinner of mantis prawns, scotland clams, crabs, fish, abalone, and oysters.

October 2,2004