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September 22,2004

So I made to KL, after all this time. I’m functioning but kind of exhausted. I change money, grab a cab and head to the hotel.

I call a friends, and my boss, it’s like 3 in the afternoon. I agree to go to the office and then have dinner, but decide to take a short nap. Well the nap turns to be pretty much all night, and Ravi gives up, and says he’ll just meet me in the morning at the hotel. So about midnight I wake up and decide to go across the street for some Kwey teow, garlic nan, and a coke. Simple street food, costs me seven ringits. I hear people in the area speaking a lot of Cantonese, I walk back to the hotel. It's warm and humid, but somewhat reassuring. The food isn't great, but comforting.

I don’t know what I’m doing out here for work. I think I’ll have to think through and figure it out tomorrow. My computer seems to be acting up, after not having a place to synchronize at a fast connection for a few days.

Reading my e-mail there’s another message from the guy in Korea, I’m trying to figure out why it bothers me so much, simply talking with him. I’ve traced most of it to simply differences in culture, however reading through it, it’s simply rude. While I’ll put up with that kind of stuff face to face. Over e-mail it’s frustrating.

I so often think about quitting, and going back to school for a couple of years. In the grand scheme of things I’m still pretty young. And a graduate degree, a PhD an MBA or a law degree would give some credibility to my career. But ultimately it’s just a piece of paper that you’ve jumped through some hoops to get. The Wall St Journal had an article about the best international MBA programs, with a program in Switzerland, then Yale, then a program in Spain, and then MIT being ranked. Even Thunderbird in Arizona made their list. My confidence in the credibility of MBA’s isn’t too high. But there is a skill and a knack for business that some people have. And it’s probably a skill that’s developed. But can it be taught?