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Still only in Vancouver BC.

September 21, 2004 2AM PST

Yes the flight from JFK was quite long, and tiring. There seemed to be a lot of crying babies. Not having enough bassinettes, and the policy being that children under 18 months don’t have to have their own seat. Of course there’s one right next to me. I’m looking at the child and his father, the kid might be just about a year and a half old, but he’s at least 3 feet tall, and it’s going to be really uncomfortable to sit next to him, even for six hours. I explain to the flight attendant, of course they claim that the flight is completely booked. I know it’s not their fault, but I simply say that it’s pushing the limits of acceptability. I push them, they say they’ll see what they can do.

Happily they move me another seat in the back. The man has a seat for his son. He thanked the flight attendant.

I wonder who did the good deed there?

Cathay pacific showed a couple of movies on the flight here. Of course the first one I pick is "The Stepford Wives," which proved to be lighthearted and silly, the strange thing is, that they changed the ending from the original. The original was a horror flick, the new one, while fun to watch in it's effort to poke fun at suburbia somehow lost the mystery, and shock value of the original, replacing the novelty with campiness, and a cheap ending.

They showed "Supersize me" an offbeat documentary about one man's life living on only McDonalds food, and always ordering the supersized fries and drink. Both the physical consequences, and a sad commentary, on the vicious cycle that is processed junk food. And they were showing "The Fox and the Hound" I forget how that movie ended so I watched the end of it. Although I wonder about the moral. That friends do change, but they in the end that loyalties can transcend duty. Sometimes I feel like the fox, a rather freewheeling character who gets burned, but seems to carry with him a positive attitude. I start watching "The lion king" in Cantonese.

Still flying. Not even halfway there...