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Malaysia Journal

I had a good weekend, am kind of sore, and even a half hour in that massaging chair (Oh it felt so nice!!!) wasn't enough to prevent the stiffness from creeping into my muscles this Monday. Not like it wasn't deserved though. I think I'll blame it on hitting golf balls at the driving range.

Swam in the pool, rollerbladed a bit, went Koi shopping with the customer service manager at the office, had good dim sum. Plenty of prawn dumplings, fried taro cakes, pomfret, some vegetables, and fruit for desert, although the honeydew and coconut wasn't quite what I had expected. Oh well. I came back, and swam some more. Don't think I was swimming that hard

Went to church in the morning. Wasn't feeling all that social, so I went back to the hotel, walking and picking up a couple of bags of chips from the 7-11 on the way home. I went swimming in the pool and was able to swim across and back a couple times without stopping. Maybe I over did it.

Then I went to hit some golf balls, with a co-worker, had a wonderful lunch down by the waterfront down in Klang, of prawns, clams, squid, spinach, and fried mee (rice noodles). We wandered around the mall, and I bought some cheap sandals, looked at eyeglasses and contacts, then went back to the hotel..

Went back, called a few people only to find that not too many people were around, so I got out and roller bladed to the mall. I should have taken the warning that the rain was coming, but I was in the mall by that time. Hmm… I have to take my skates off before cruising around too much. Oh well.

Found out that they had a pretty nice archery range, so I spent the two dollars and shot a dozen arrows. Dang … I stink. Maybe I got lucky the first time, but I think I hit the target on maybe five or six of the 12. Wandered around some more, looked at computer stuff, software, computer games, hard drives… etc… I looked this kind of new-fangaled skateboard, and debated buying it for $20. In the end I broke down and got the thing. (see photo at right) instead of the flat trucks which pivot to allow you to turn, this one two rows of rollerblade sized wheels, 5 wheels to a row. Supposted to be 20% faster and to allow greater leaning, and more controlled turns. Maybe… now to figure out how to use it.

Finally I decided to lay down on one of those super massaging chairs. The salesman didn't say a thing I laid down and he just adjusted it for me then hit the start button. It felt really good, or rather I think it was somewhat relaxing. I looked at the program he'd set it to, because it was massaging my back, shoulders, neck, and buttocks and legs. And I realized it was a 30 minute program. Wow… Came back took a shower and went to sleep.

Woke up this morning quite stiff.

September 27,2004