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A past not forgotten

This is the story of my own family, why I can claim to be a descendant of poligamist ancestors, and am 4 generations in the United States

My friends would come by my house and usually see the chinese scrolls on the wall and wonder who wrote it, but then they realize that it's probably neither too well written nor some profound chinese saying, or powerful characters. It's just a bad watercolor of some bamboo, which I use to cover up an electrical panel, and a sloppy bible verse roughly translated into classical chinese.

Anyhow, I can't really remember exactly what makes someone put the things the do on their walls. But I also have these two rather old photos. My friends seemed surprisingly impressed with the age and the people in them.

I suppose it's because I value family and community for whatever that means. And is an indication of the pride I have in the long history of my family.

I used to be close to a friend who came from a troubled family, and pretty much left, moved to the other side of the country and right now doesn't have all that much she'd call family. In a sense I wonder about her.

Updated Jan 24, 2004