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Food of course!

Isn't that one of the great things about LA. Sure you can go out and get really expensive stuff and on my trip to LA, I indeed did go out and get

But I also went to Lollicup twice, for pearl tea. And went out for Korean BBQ. Hmm. Pork belly, different than Kalbi. 10 kinds of side dishes served on the side...

Anyhow, as typified, my dad was driving around Silverlake looking for good tortillas, and we passed this place. Although we didn't go in, it seems to be halfway between a fish market, a deli, and a fast food restauraunt.

The local Chinese supermarket installed a deep fryer, and offered to fry any fish bought on the premesis for free. Well the idea is taking off. Although I haven't seen it in Boston

You buy it, we fry it!

Gourmet Food, yet casual

Who ever heard of putting chocolate chips on chili... Well I tried it, and well it was dang good.

Gourmet Chili - Only in LA, but there's a surprising subltey to it, plus a small bowl of the stuff was surprisingly satisfying. Although I would wonder about making a car trip with people after it.

But alas, good chili spicy, but still tasty.

The magic lies of course in the moderately priced place that the ambiance is quirky but not fancy, casual, but not industrial. "Chili my soul" was a fine example of it.

Two of the standard Burger Joints, one of which is really only found in LA.

In-n-out is good, five dollars for a double hamburger, fries, and a soda. Not exactly fast food, but still good. Like Krispy Kreme, it's slowly making it's way far and wide. I think there's one in Phoenix now.

Tommy's is just plain sinful. I've been eating their food since I was a kid. I'm a particular fan of their chili tamales. But their Double Cheeseburger with extra chili and onions, proudly holds the position as the first gastrointestinal delight to ever give me heartburn. Although surviving before, one day, after going it hit me, and I realized that one can't abuse the digestive system too much. I haven't been the same since that fateful day.


What would good greasy food be without beer. There is of course a brewery, in LA. And of course it's across the street from the aformentioned Tommy's