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Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis.

People drive everywhere, and people measure distance in terms of how long it takes to get there by car. There is very little other way to get around.

A while ago the transit workers went on strike. While it might be a huge deal in NYC. They were on strike for about a month, essentially no buses and it's valted subway line ceased to operate. The pathetic thing. Not too many people noticed. Traffic was about the same, if not a little bit lighter, with all the buses not on the roads.

There was an article in USA Today about how the suburbs are bad for your health. I can't believe it, this is USA today, the videots newspaper, with all the graphs and color, and which won't be too politically incorrect or offensive. The gold standard for the blandness of American media. The quote of absurdity lies in the denziens of suburbia who drive 15 minutes to get to a park to walk around for 20 minutes then drive 15 minutes to go back home. And this is the way we're supposted to stay in shape.

Walmart - As urban as LA gets

I'm not too ashamed I went to public schools all my life. Mind you I went to a magnet school, and I went to, a math-science high school. Is it any wonder I turned out the geek I am.

Well I'm not $200K in debt either. No that's not my dad on the other side of the sign, it's my scuba diving, lifeguard friend Kenny.

There are reasons why I'll always live in the city, and the heart of the city. Density is the key. Sprawl is one of them.

So in any case if you look at my parents house. They're building a thousand new homes in the hills just north of where my parents live.

I'm saddened. as that's the area where I used to go to the hills and play. Where I convinced myself I needed a mountain bike. And where even the tallest gearing wouldn't get me up some of those hills.

It's all gone now. The vegetations gone, the hills buldozed flat, and track homes put in. Mind you they're half million dollar track homes.

But the argument is that you've got to live somewhere. And houses are going to be built. But with all those homes, where's the school!

In any case Ray an I noticed that there was a bus stop on the south end of the complex. I can't imagine how many people use it. As it's for the most part still a gated community. In South Africa, gated communities were one of symbols of Apartheid. Their return marks a low point in race relations.

What the implications of gated communities in the United States are? Well the're not exactly a symbol of diversity, and inclusivity. But then again, neither are the fully managed buildings, and Co-ops of NYC either. So cities aren't immune from the walled communities of the suburbs.

updated 4/25/2003