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GyozaQuest is a non profitable site,

Background, Itinerary

This might be the last of my great trips. So I guess I'm calling it another GyozaQuest. I'll fill in the details as I go.

MY list of dumpling loves is long. It includes Salvadoran empenadas, griddle-crisped Japanese gyoza, meaty Korean mandoo, anything Italian — from diminutive tortellini to hulking ravioli — and every kind of steamed, boiled or fried Chinese dumplings, swimming in soup or stuffed with it.

I was in Dallas early in March, two days... Fast.

An exerpt about cooking - and another trip I made, Dec 2004
The quest begins - a retrospective
A Lost Image - on of my earliest trips, which set the stage for things to come.

So far tenatively the trip looks to be/have been as follows.

LA - Weekend with the parents - 3 days

Tucson - Inital tool qualification - 5 days

LA, staging for Korea - 2 days

Korea - Customer support - Tool sign off.
The movenpick

Malaysia - Initial tool installation.

The Acts church

Side Trip - Cambodia - Visiting Dan and Ann, deliver gifts.

    Thoughts about the trip before going.

    Once there, the concerns fall.

Yet I still can't sleep.

And I wonder for the future of this country.

Malaysia - Finish up tool installation.

Another crazy Car

Side trip - Vietnam - Wedding - Curently this one is very pending... I might just be getting sick by this point.

Never did make it, rather dissapointed, with all the travel.

Malaysia - Wrap up the rest of the tool, go home.

last updated 3/28/2006