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Loyalty: Why I stay, and why it's a core value for me.


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Movies -

Movies remid us of the way the world is, or the way the world should be.
They make us think about our lives. How are lives might be, or how they might never be.
They fulfill our fantasies, and reflect our fears.
They take us places where we may never go, and the show us the places that we may never see.
They're reviled as subversive, and yet we support them anyways.

Movie's I've seen recently

Hotel Rwanda

Enough said, go see it, prepare yourself for it. It's not a date movie, it ends happily, but you don't feel good in the end.

My Cousin Vinny

Okay, this is a very bad movie, but in addition to the 'fish out of water' premise, it has a good commentary on social class and privelage. How he's going up against a Judge and a Prosecuter, while Joe Pesci is simply a working class guy, who managed to get a law degree by working as a mechanic. On top of the whole southern thing.

Other movies

Jerry Maguire -

For the entire tirade about loyaly, commitment and "The things we think but do not do"

Good Will Hunting - "Eating Carmels is just as arbitrary as drinking coffee"

What people seem to miss about this movie, is that it's about loyalty. Being both true to yourself, loyal to yourself, as well as being loyal to those around you. His friends may not be the brightest people, and he may be a genious, but they're loyal, and they'd get into a fight for him defend him, and he knows that he can never leave them, but in the end he leaves them for a woman.

Legends of the Fall

It's about the inevitable doom that passes. Even knowing the risks, and knowing that it's going to turn out bad. You still chose to do it, becuase it's the life that's been destined for you, and you know no other life. It's worth the risk, or that you just can't help it. It's your nature.

Roman Holiday

Is she really a princess, in the beginning you wonder if she really is. The key point occurs when Audrey Hepburn choses to go back, in it she accepts her position as a princess. Given the choice, knowing what it would be like to.

Gladiator - We all need a hero movie

Updated March 15,2005