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Other countries with chip businesses:


Taiwan still considers itself part of China. In fact it's chip expertise, and it's closeness to China both physically, culturally, and historically are starting points for China's vast industrialization. Aside from Hong Kong,

Because of this, and because of the close ties, still present after half a century of separation. This is the country which stands to benefit the most from the growing power of China in the coming years. Unfortunately it puts it most at risk from being overwhelmed by it as well.


Japan is the model of what things might become, and what things have been, and will always be there. Just as there will always be an England, and the British were once an empire. The rumors of it taking over the world in the '80's never materialized. Yet it's a humble nationalism, it is still the land of the rising sun.


Korea, even more so than Japan was a country rebuilt by the United States, and yet finds itself molded to the Japanese idea of trade protectionism.

It's industries were built by the prescience of American diplomacy, it's success can be attributed to carefully nurturing, protecting it's little industries. But now it's industries are not so little, the Chaebols beginning to struggle under their extreme size.

It's protectionism at times seem to slow it down more so than keep it competitive. Yet it's leaders, Samsung, LG, and Hyundai compete in the world stage.


Singapore, the darling child of Southeast Asia, stable, controlled, technologically advanced, and 85% Chinese. "Disneyland with the death penalty" as someone described. It stands to lose the most by the emerging might of China the awakened giant. Second only to Taiwan in it's cultural closeness to China, it still seems distant.

However the highly controled, authoritarian society, shows some appeal to Communist China. In addition it has highly nurtured selected industries, semiconductors being one of them. However the region

The rest of Asia

Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines, Indonesia.

India - this is technically part of the reigion

Other places where the make semiconductors.

Western Europe - Germany, Italy, France and Great Britian.

Finally - Israel.