April 29, 2003

That's Denver International Airport for the non traveling types out there.
And in my ratings of airports of the lounges and efficency. It rates better than Ohare... Given I've got a pretty messed up view of the way travel should be.
Hmm... could I give up my life and live in Telluride for a season?

Again finishing up a business trip. And still pondering why I do all of this. I miss home, but I wonder just what home is. I live in Boston, although not a day goes by that I don't think I should be like everyone else. In the end I conclude that I've put my stake down, and will stay in Cambridge. Where else would I go. Shanghai, maybe... Tucson... well after two trips out there, it's familiar, but somehow doesn't feel right. Perhaps when I start going to church there it'll be worse.

As I sit in the Red Carpet Club and wonder when they're going to install the 802.11b. I realize that it's really two classes of people out here. I still think I should be flying business class, and I might never fly on the Concorde now. But what's going to happen with all of this? I keep thinking I should fly on a different airline, and not keep all my perks with United.

I don't want to become the forever traveling applications engineer, or the consultant, but I guess i've signed up for this life. And I couldn't imagine living life much differently.

I like my life, it could be better, but I can't really complain.

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April 25, 2003
Death, War, Plague and Pestilance

Two photos about the SARS epidemic, from the NY times of course.

Okay so if 9-11 wasn't bad enough.
And the war in Iraq wasn't also somewhat of a drain.
Now we got this SARS thing going on.
What's next ... I guess I'm waiting for a big earthquake, California is overdue to fall into the ocean.

I did not know that cats could get SARS.

Okay, now how is the surgical mask on the manequins in Hong Kong supposted to prevent SARS. It's not a real person, and I wouldn't say that a mask makes it a fashion statement. Hmm... Maybe I should try that in the USA the next time I get on a plane, see if it freaks out the person next to me.

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April 18, 2003
Demise of the Concord

LA Times Article

There's an commentary on the LA times about the end of the Concord, and how it's demise is actually welcomed. Without it, it's a throwback to times when things were slower. Does it really stand as a poster child for the excesses of the past. And a reminder that indeed we do need to slow down sometime.

Although never having flown on it, and only seen it in pictures. They never really did get service from San Francisco or LA to Tokyo. Perhaps it might have been more lucrative. Shaving four hours from a ten hour flight, rather than three hours from a six hour flight.

It'll be a while before there's another supersonic transport. But progress marches on.


Anyhow the parade of departing friends continues. Here's the next one. I wonder if I'll these people ever really come back. Most of them don't, most of them say they will. And you say you'll visit them, but you never do. And you forget about them.

There may be a few people here and there, but for the most part you can only be friends with so many people. You'll be missed, but life will go on.

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April 15, 2003
Back in Tucson

Well I flew back to Arizona this week.
That's the sunset from about 100 miles outside of Chicago.

Kind of a good trip. Saved some money by flying to Phoenix and then planning to drive to Tucson. The only exciting thing was that I managed to leapfrog over the two people in the middle and aisle seat on my way to the bathroom. Including the fact that they had drinks on the tray table. The flight attendant was impressed. I shrugged it off. The prize, one free drink.

United Airlines might be losing money, but the flight was still completey full. I was seated next to a retiree, and a family going to visit their grandparents. Ugh! It's spring break for the kiddies.

Then again, the cheap fares were offset by the taxes in Phoenix. There's a 35% tax on rental cars from the airport there. 35% !!!! What do they think this is, Europe?

I got into Phoenix, checked into the hotel. Was tired so just went straight to the room, called my parents, and then watched a bit of tv, and went to sleep.

Had I known there was a 99 Ranch market across the street I would have went there, and got some grub... I only discovered what was around my hotel the next morning leaving the hotel.

Drove to Tucson, took a little over an hour, 20 mins. Got to the office without incident, people actually remembered who I was.

I was actually somewhat impressed with the rental car. Wasn't the tincan I expected. Only then did I take a decent look at it, Kia Optima LX-V6 - hmm.. maybe the guy wasn't kidding when he said he upgraded me. Cruise control, stereo was decent, no sunroof though, but it cruised along pretty smoothly, even at 80+ mph the whole way. Transmission is a bit mushy, even with the auto-stick feature. Edmunds says it's a re-badged Hyundai Sonata. Despite my general antagonism to things Korean. I'm very impressed, and waiting till Hyundai builds a car plant in the USA.

Went to the rock gym last night. Typical crowd, a lot of people, but most people sitting. Wasn't as agile as I thought I could be. Can't climb much for overhanging sections, and the bouldering stuff... blech! For comparison sake rock climbing routes are scaled from 5.0 to 5.15+
5.0 is basically somthing you could walk up.
5.2 is a ladder leaning against a wall,

So my skill level is as follows
5.6's okay..
5.7's maybe...
5.8's were giving me some real problems...
Thank goodness for the top ropes there. I was hanging quite a bit.

Anything more - I'm out of it. I guess they've been extending the idea of what's absolutely unclimb-able. Used to be 5.10, now it's up to 5.15...

My back is stiff today.

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April 10, 2003
Back to LA

Okay I went to LA last weekend, and I went to a wedding.

For the Wedding
For LA
For the burbs
For the Food

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