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My first German meal

The first thing I ate here in Germany was a hot bologna sandwhich with mustard. It was actually pretty good, some sort of german sausage. Then my co-worker falls asleep, I go back to the hotel, We wake up at 10pm go looking for some food. He takes me to a chinese restauraunt. Which is closed but the owner lets us in, he talks to my co-worker in Vietnamese for a while, and invites us to his house for dinner. So we eat homestyle vietnamese food my first night. Including the fish sauce.
I stayed at the hotel Lindacher Hof.
The lady who works the front desk is really nice. Although her English isn't too great. I've stayed at worse places. Comparing it to the Imari Grand Hotel (which by the way, is neither) in Imari-shi Kyshu, she's practially fluent.

Despite that the hotel doesn't seem to have too much for a restauraunt, the hostess will try and find you a couple of beers, and if you ask in advance she will probably cook for you too. But I didn't try. We instead trekked around town to the other two hotels.
the Grapphenhof, and the Post. Both of which have a restauraunts with an English menu. The staff is nice, although not out of their way friendly. Of course two asian guys aren't going to get all that great service. Anyways, I was under the impression you're supposted to leave tips here, my co-worker here doesn't think so.
I think we'll have to go out for chinese food out here, for good service. Is that nuts or what?

So I went to dinner, nothing like Good German food.
This is my dinner at The Post, in Burghausen.

Chantrell mushrooms in cream sauce. With some dumplings... Heaven in bowl...
This is the best thing I've eaten here.

Pumpkin Soup, cream, potatoes, pumpkin, and roasted pumpkin seeds... mmm... Too bad I don't know enough german to get the recipe.

The same dumpling as the mushrooms, this time with roast pork and cabbage. Doesn't it figure.
And yeah, this was the entree, but the mushrooms, with some vegetables on the side, and a couple of slices of bread....
Ah well I'll stop talking about the chantrelles, the pork was good, somewhat tough and it could have used some more gravy, although the wild boar was the most tender cut of meat I'd eaten, which surprised me, since wild pigs are about the same size as dogs, I wonder if that's why the Koreans like that stuff so much. Could have been just a good cut of meat,

And for desert... Apple crunch, breaded plums, and two scoups of vanilla ice cream, oh my goodness... mmm....

Enjoying this trip to germany. Part 3 - About my worksite and where I might end up

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