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How I got fired from my job.

If you look at my resume, or try and document my work history. There's a very small company, patched in there. This company was NVS.

In 2001, I was working for an internet consulting company. I'd learned a lot in the year I was working there. About software development, source control, database architecture, web-design, . However I never really figured out what they were paying us to do. A lot of the projects I was putting in my time sheet were "internal development"

Towards the end, after not really being on a project. Through good timing, or just instinct. I looked for work back in the semiconductor industry, and in particular the semiconductor equipment industry.

I found a job working for this small company called NVS. I'm was definaltely qualified. It was a whirlwind of activity. I liked the startup atmosphere. There was a fridge full of free sodas, snacks, and they bought dinner for anyone who was working past 7PM. Strangely enough, people worked late there.

In those initial weeks in which I worked for them I made two separate business trips. One to Oregon to install a tool, and the other to Santa Clara to go to a big SPIE Photolithography Conference. I learned a lot more about semiconductor process equipment, and the ideas about what needed to be done, and it reminded me what I missed about that kind of work. Wandering through the tradeshow. I remembered the tools I used to work with, and realized that all the SPC charts which I had to look through, and the ability to see real data coming from your tool in a recognizable format was more important than I'd realized in my days at DEC/Intel.

So two things happend in that job. After traveling with the same person for three weeks straight. I got to know a co-worker, who was hired a week after me. they'd also hired a new manager who had no experience in the Semiconductor Industry. The co-worker was cute, but she had a boyfriend. I tried to be be cordial and show him what I knew.

Late in feb, the manager was trying to consolidate an amount of political power. And believe it or not looking at it, I had quite an ego after leaving Adept/Corriva, maybe because I was still patting myself on the back for seeing the writing on the wall and getting out of the internet company. Maybe

There was a snowstorm in March. As it happened one of the air conditioning compressors on the roof failed, and our server room started to get very warm. I think a few hard drives failed, and our IT guy was working frantically to get things back to normal. Since I lived so close to the office, I'd gone in during the snow day and seen this whole thing going down.

Anyhow after a snowstorm I'd decided that the snow was too good to pass up, so called a good friend and we went snowboarding.