October 25, 2004
Indigo Som's Chinese Restaurant Search

There's somthing a little odd about this project. Not quite Racist, and well interesting. So it gets a remark and a trackback.

In short it's a telling of how Chinese-American food has permeated the American landscape, completely changing and removing itself from the Cantonese peasant food, becoming American unto itself. Fortune cookies? Sesame Chicken, Egg rolls, crab rangoons. All chinese food, but only found in America.

In a sense it can be a significant topic. Probably more significant than the person at my church who's going to write a dissertation about Caucasian guy / Asian woman relationships and the cultural strugges they're going through. Although that's a fair topic, there's somthing both very personal, and rather disturbing about the topic. As it seems too much like a guide for white guys to date exotic orientals.

And anyways, food is a culturally open topic to discuss, in fact it's one of the first places where we experience other cultures, and one of the last things to dissapear as a culture assimilates.

Posted by justin at 05:29 PM