August 16, 2006
Powdered eggs, and cat

I didn't write this, I've just been eating too many reconstitued powdered eggs for breakfast recently. Combined with the toasted bagels, and the cheese, and two strips of bacon, it does make a decent meal, from the "continental buffet breakfast that the hotel serves. And well, compared to the either warmed up pancakes, or french toast, which they've been serving, with the sausage, might be nominally more healthy.

Anyhow, might be a good resposne for going to the gym so much recently

Powdered eggs, and cat

Many years ago, when I was a college student and therefore a pauper I signed up for surplus commodities to make ends meet. The supplies consisted of stuff like canned meat, beans, flour, canned milk and (....insert drum roll...) foil-lined paper packets of powdered eggs.

One night, after a long day of classes followed by a worse than usual stint of waiting tables, I arrived home absolutely bone-weary to find my apartment kitchen covered in a powdered egg snowstorm. . I followed the pawprint trail to the living room and found my calico cat, Kid, also coated in egg powder. She'd managed to clean one paw and about two inches of her face before being defeated by the increasingly gluey stuff. She sat there, tongue out, thoroughly disgusted, and utterly unable to manage another lick.

Her distress did not translate to eagerness for the bath that followed. One shredded shower curtain, followed by vacuuming the rug and double mopping the kitchen and bathroom, I again had a relatively clean apartment and cat, and was hoping to finally get some rest.

Powdered eggs did not sit well on the kitty digestion, however. Over the next few hours she would repeatedly leap up, stare wildly at the air behind her then launch into a mad tear around the apartment in an attempt to escape sulfurous trail of toxic fumes she had just emitted. Finally, she gave up and lay with her head under the bed one one side of the dust ruffle, her butt on the other. This afforded her delicate nose some protection, but did nothing for mine.

Posted by justin at August 16, 2006 07:49 PM