September 29, 2004
Traveling again.

I guess I should update a bit.

And if you're lazy - There's photos here

Yes I'm still thinking about Shanghai, even though one of my good friends who I think is still planning on moving there, they decided to cancel at least part of their exploratory trip this year.

I happen to be sitting in our office in Subang Jaya, Malaysia. Yeah, outside of Kuala lumpur. This is a pretty plain, but still exciting suburb. It's post industrial, there's a lot of big buildings which they started construction, but the developer ran out of money and couldn't finish, so it's like an odd shell. And given the tropical heat, well it's either simply dirt, or somthing's rotting on what's left of the shell. When there's overgrown trees that look pretty big, 3 or 4 metres tall. Construction might have stopped quite a while ago.

But this is a good microcosm for what things might be like. I like it in the fact that there's five colleges here. A vibrant church that reminds me of what things were like in the early days when I was in Boston. Although multicultural, it might not be, mostly Chinese though.

Let's see there's some photos, and some more photos. So well I guess I'm sort of enjoying my time out here, trying to get some work done.

What I like about this place.
Food, people are friendly, laundry can be done cheap... And it's a change of pace. But I miss home... Dreadfully.

Anyhow perhaps it's just the people here, that it seems like every Chinese person speaks at least three languages. And English... It's impresive, that multiculturalism or dealing with a variety of different peoples is built into their daily life. Yeah, it's under a government mandate "You MUST get along, it's patriotic" and there's a strange dual tiered system of government favortism. Malays and then everyone else.

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