Andrew Tong in Paradise


Arcadia is the central mountainous region of the Peloponnese. Often it is described in idyllic terms: the ideal land of rustic simplicity, especially dear to Hermes, the home of Callisto (the favorite of Artemis), the usual playground of Pan; for the bucolic poets, Arcadia is a place where life is easy, where shepherds leisurely tend their flocks and pursue romantic dalliances. Thus Arcadia becomes that imagined primeval terrain, when human beings lived in contentment and harmony with the natural world.


This itís fitting that Andrew would call Arcadia California, his home.



Weary from the battles of his youth, the old warrior retires to Arcadia, his paradise.

No longer does he have to face to trials of the east, after conquering he is no longer pursued by his demons of his youth.Although pursuing ever onward to kingdoms to the South, I met him during a pause in his battles.


The warrior provisions himself for battle.


He selects only the finest weapons of war.


The warrior admiring an Internet enabled refrigerator?Is there justification for such a instrument?

Indeed, it is justified, for the warrior needs the highest performance storage, for his ketchup and sodas.


Back at his retreat, separated from the pursuit, he consumes himself with his work.Even separated from the battlefield, he still manages to connect to his army.Wait thatís a dial up connection, and wait itís MY dial up connection.The depraved warrior synchronizes his mail, downloads his manga and manages to hog both the connection and the computer.